Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prison...uh, I mean, Prism

Yes, Prism. Prism is the latest project by Mozilla Labs to grace my desktop. I'm usually skeptical about new software and I'm not too fond of undeveloped projects, but, I just couldn't resist Prism. Prism is downloadable on a separate platform, or as a Firefox extension. What is does, is it turns any web page into a web application. Meaning, you can turn you Google Calendar page into a separate Calendar application; all with its own desktop icon, quick launch icon, and more! In fact, that's exactly what I've done; I've uninstalled Mozilla Sunbird and changed my gCal page into a desktop app! Prism allows you to save you login information so that I can quickly log in to my calendar page and email.

So...Prism is like a prison how??
Well, I guess that conceivably you could "imprison" yourself with Prism. You see, I have a detrimental habit of going off tangent when I'm online (Ah yes, FDR's New Deal of the 1930s...hmmm, "new deal on used textbooks"!). Thus, I have created a desktop application for almost every site I use extensively, i.e. Yahoo Mail, Google Calendar, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Because Prism operates like a program, there is no address bar which eliminates the possibility of getting off topic!'s a cruel practice...but necessary.

Yeah, that's how I reacted when I found out about it...well...sort of...okay, maybe that was an overstatement. Anyways, Prism is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are some links:

Download Prism for Windows
Download Prism for Mac OS X
Download Prism for Linux

Download Prism for Firefox 3.0b3pre or greater [extension]