Sunday, February 24, 2008

Floorplanner, Planning...for your Floor! (not really)

Floorplanner is a free online service that allows you to design and visualize homes, offices, apartments, etc. It allows the use to build walls, floors, and add windows. This way, you can make a carbon copy of your own house, or start from scratch! It includes measurements and different types of furniture. with a growing bank of furniture types, colors, sizes and brands, it's easy to find furniture that best suites you!

Do I need to sacrifice any green?
The basic version of Floorplanner is free. However, dome set-backs include the ability to only create 1 floor plan and 5 designs. With the free account, you will still be allowed to share plans via email so if you're planning on using FP to designing a house for the family: save some green, get the free version. There are alternatives to the free version though, the next account up is the plus version. This costs $30.50 a year and includes 5 savable projects with multiple floors and no ads. Personally, my thoughts on this are: "Who the hell would waste $30 on this!?". The final account type is the professional version, with unlimited floor plans and 3D viewing capability, if you're planning on spending money, this is the best plan.

In short, save yourself some green! If you plan on using FP, get the free version.

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