Friday, February 29, 2008

Make Use Of...can I make use of it?

Make Use Of is a tech blog that compares free web services and software for the benefit of the populous. In addition to writing about free services, they have a whole directory sorted into categories, sort of like a search engine for any free service you may need! It's free to read and comment on and doesn't require any registration. The blog itself can be located through the following URL:

Can I make use of...MakeUseOf?
Well, I sure did. Remember that MakeUseOf only writes about free services, so there really is no prerequisite to using these services, all you may need to do is download it if it's software, or register an account if it's a website. The posts are very detailed and compare the service in question to other services of its kind and shows, not only how, but why it's better. Posts always include links at the bottom for more information about the service introduced and a screenshot to give you a better idea about what the service looks like and how it works.

Another section of the blog is the "Directory", the directory is a list of about 20 keywords, word like web, mobile, games, chat, etc. These 'words' represent different categories. Say I wanted to find a free chat program that I could use easily. I would click on "Chat" and browse through all the different posts made on chat services. Once I found an interesting post title, I could click on the title and read the full post. Now that's what I call a search engine.

MakeUseOf is free to read, so there's really nothing to lose. It also gives you links to the actual service/application in question so you won't have to Google it yourself. And hey, when was the last time you had someone download or register for a service just to tell you whether or not you should use it, and why you should?


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard to MUO! I visit the site daily and based on the content from your blog, you're already better than most, Anthony. Good luck!

anthony said...

Thanks Zaine! Looking forward to your feedback!