Friday, March 7, 2008

Windows Live Writer...another Microsoft product thanks to Gates.

Windows Live Writer...some kind of service that will help you write...your homework?
Windows Live Writer is a great tool for constant bloggers, or bloggers who blog on the go. It is part of the Windows Live pack and for once, it's free (it's not that often that you see a free Window's service, so take advantage of this). It is basically an interface/program that allows you to add multiple blogs and blog to each of them. It includes a rich-text editor, meaning you don't have to add in all this HTML and you can seamlessly integrate images and links into your blog without worrying about the hassle of adding them, and for all you bad spellers out there, it includes a spell-checker that automatically checks while you type, not those email ones that force you to click the button first, ensuring that everything you post will be automatically spell-checked.

Okay...on the go?
Windows Live Writer allows you to save posts to your USB stick, computer, or portable hard-drive. Meaning if your on the go, or if you just don't have internet connection, you can still use WL Writer. All you need to do is write the post, and save it. One way I like to use this feature is to put WL Writer on my USB stick and write in my free time. However, if you're a travel blogger and you blog on travel locations, this feature will be of much more use. It is possible to keep a journal of all the days you were on the road and upon arriving back home, posting them without having to sit there and try to remember what you did on a certain day.

Another feature WL Writer includes is the option of choosing when to publish your post. You can preset a publication date so even if you finish before, you can save it and not worry about it anymore, when the preset date arrives, your post will be automatically posted to your blog! So for example, if you advertise that you have "a new post each week" and you finish your next post within a day, all you need to do is preset the publication date, sit back, and relax. This way, you can pre-write several posts and have them automatically post themselves every other day, week, or whenever.

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